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2014-10-31, 11:58
"WADT was a blessing for my children and I during a difficult period in our lives...
I pray one day soon I can be a blessing to someone else.."

Grad. Dunwoody High, WADT Alum 2004
Mississippi Department of Human Services Senior Child Support Enforcement Officer · Brookhaven, Mississippi
2014-10-08, 19:16
Thanks so much!!! WADT has been excellent to our family!!!
We love you all and God Bless each of you and your families!!!
Becks Family
2013-12-01, 13:24
Hello I would like to wish everybody happy holidays and I am very thankful for organizations like this willing to help the less fortunate.

I have been going through a tough time for a few years Im have been separated from my husband for 2 years because it was not a healthy relationship for me or my children. I have three children 1 boy 10, 1 girl 10 and 1 girl 4 and two of them have disability challenges that was discovered years later so that has been a bit stressful for me. We are in need of food, clothes,shoes,coats, and toys.
2013-11-28, 01:00
Hello this is ST, I wanted to tell you how women are dreamers have changed and helped me with this thanksgiving. If it was not for women are dreamers me and my children and also the newborn would not have a thanksgiving.

Thanks to you guys I do I was so happy to receive the food. My kids were so excited and also my father and mother. I actually get to have a normal thanksgiving also peaceful one. Usually on thanksgiving my day ends in crying and heartache because my spouse would leave us with nothing and laugh and go out, than come home many many hours later acting as if nothing happened.

I feel so blessed to have this organization helping my family out. God is really great. I pray for the women that are going through what I had to go through to find this organization it will really open you up and change your life tremendously. Once again I want to thank women are dreamers for the. Thanksgiving help like I said with out you I would be struggling. I love yall very much.

I'm looking forward to Christmas so are my children they say Jesus loves our family mommy. I say he sure does. I just know when we wake up Christmas day I will cry because of the great smiles on my babies faces.

I just know my newborn will be happy I worry a lot because since my family is disabled as of my mother and my father is elderly which they cant help me too much I worry because I do not have anything for the baby

I know women are dreamers will take care of this. Newborn once again God blessed me with this. Organization because He knew.they would bless. and change my life in a wonderful way. I love you guys and thank God that I was blessed with help from you guys love T family. Blessings to all.  

"i also wanted to add that now my kids can see the true.meaning of thanksgiving with caring family and not just arguing all the time.i really appreciate it thank you, God bless you."- ST 11/28/13
2013-11-26, 10:58
There are not enough words that can fully express how grateful and thankful for blessing us with Thanksgiving this year. My family has gone through alot this year and I didn't know what we were going to do for Thanksgiving dinner.

We didn't even have a.turkey. Then I was received this wonderful blessing to come pick up the turkey.
When I got home the twins began to laugh and shout, "my grandma got a turkey!" We were so overjoyed.

But it is not the turkey that we are thankful for..., really its the givers. WADT blessed us greatly. So, because of WADT, this Thursday, we will sit down together as a family and remember those who God brings into our lives to keep us forever grateful and knowledgeable of His Love, Grace and Mercy.
Thank you so much for bringing us joy, happiness and love this Thanksgiving holiday.

God Bless You,
2013-11-24, 11:14
Yes, I registered on November 9th. It has been difficult but I still feel very blessed to wake up free of violence everyday... Emailing you back and forth has been tremendously uplifting. Thank you for your continued help and support! I will continue to pray and stay positive! Thanks again and Enjoy your evening!
wadt-help community seeker
2013-11-14, 11:45
Yes, I registered on November 9th. It has been difficult but I still feel very blessed to wake up free of violence everyday... Emailing you back and forth has been tremendously uplifting. Thank you for your continued help and support! I will continue to pray and stay positive!
2013-06-28, 08:42
The years have gone by. I have learned to be self sufficient to a great degree. I am learning even more ways of being self reliant by being in the WADT class for micro-enterprise. The past is the past and I look forward to a beautiful future. I value myself and I don't accept any violence in my life, emotional or physical. I am a much stronger woman today, but there is still work to be done. Thanks to WADT it is within my grasp.
2013-06-28, 08:42
My daughter and I are floral designers and gift basket Specialist and in the past we have taken several classes, but I have never been as excited as I am now because Dr. Williams, our instructor and program coordinator has taken all of our training to a level we never thought was possible for us.
2013-06-28, 08:41
Ms Cindy Williams of WADT is an eye-opener. If you listen and follow everything she asks of you in class, you will be a success. I am very blessed to have been accepted in her program. WADT is helping me achieve my dream of being fully self-sustainable and move my business out of my home into an office. - Tax Services WaDt alum 2005
2013-06-28, 08:41
Let me thank, WADT. (Women Are Dreamer Too) For supporting us in our endeavors. This organization is an avenue that can be use for guidance in achieving and building your dream. - Artist Performer
2013-06-28, 08:41
I emailed them asking when would I hear something and to my surprise Dr. Williams called me, I was very impressed. I could not wait for January to get here. I can't begin to put in words how much this class has blessed me and my children; I go home from class so excited. I must sing the Praises of Dr. Williams she is a woman who is true to her calling, she has a desire to help others at all cost. I have never met anyone that takes what they do so seriously. I have heard about other programs and not one compare to WADT, this program will make sure you are a success.

I only wish that they could service more people, because there are a lot of people out there that have a desire to succeed but don't know the right steps to take.Dr. Williams blew my mind the first day, I remember crying and thanking God for her all the way home. Dr Williams really put her heart and money out there to support us.

I think the hardest thing for me will be leaving this class, as I write this letter with tears running down my face I can honestly say that I will miss Dr Williams, her laughter, her sincerness, hard work and love she shows to all my class mates.
2013-06-28, 08:40
I came to Wadt because i feel that NO ONE should have control over my life
any more. Tenaya Cosmetics and WaDt Classroom keeps me sane
for the future

The Drs are saying that my Brain Turmor is acting up again / But no matter
what I will finish this race I promise at the beginning of the class/ I will finish this race.

Thank you
-SD, Marietta GA
2013-06-28, 08:40
Thank goodness after all the trials and tribulations I am hopeful that my future is bright, I will be graduating from WaDt as a small business owner opening my Child Care and elder care services Heller Care Services Inc.

Thanks Women Are Dreamers for giving me hope and a new lease on life, thanks for allowing all of us to dream.

– Vickie H WaDt Fall 2007 Alum
2013-06-28, 08:39
I met Gw, she and I hit it off right away. She also helped us so much, sometimes just by listening to me . She has such a kind and giving spirit, I am so grateful to call her my friend. Gail introduced me to Doc, and to “ WADT ” I have not looked back since, I ’ m only looking to the future. If I could give Courtney something special for Christmas, it would be for her not to have to worry about me all the time, struggling month to month. I know things are getting ready to turn around for us, because I hope after I get my business started , I never have to depend on someone else to tell me how much I can earn for me and my family. Thanks to all who keep me and Courtney in their prayers. Sincerely, JG (Cochran, GA- WaDt 2005)
2013-06-28, 08:39
I also thank God for Dr. Williams being in my son’s life and me today. It is truly a blessing from God. Without her I don’t know what we would have done. My sons and me love her very much. Thank for being in our lives today.

You gave me hope, which I didn’t have. You le t me know I am somebody and I’m going somewhere in life and I’m going to be successful. You also brought my self-esteem up very high. I feel very blessed because I been down so long and hurt so long for I didn’t think I would see the day. God brought me from a mighty long way.
-ES Alum 2006
2013-06-28, 08:38
My son is very supportive of me attending WADT and starting my own business. I want to lead by example in raising my son. I started later than I should have, but I GET IT NOW.

PS: I would like for you to know that I love you Doc and I respect you like my mother, because she birthed me. You ARE a beacon of light, hope, and encouragement in my soul. The compliment that you give me about my appearance is something that I have never received from my mother and want to tell you that I THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU. Respectfully
2013-06-28, 08:38
I didn’t think I could do this coming in and look at some of the others with M.B.A.’s and other degrees, I felt so out place, but I love you Cynthia because you can really make it possible for dream to come true, keep being the person you are, loving, caring. Please teach me all you can, I am so willing to help and learn everything I can. If you don’t get it, then you don’t want it, because it is lay out plain and clear. Women’s Dreams do come true, and I am a living witness. I want let you down!!!

I am truly a blessed individual to be elected to be in your class, Thank you, thank you thank you!!
2013-06-28, 08:37

Thank you very much for the accolades. It is an excellent feeling when the instructor magnifies your work. I will keep up the good work and people will know that Cindy Williams is the person behind me. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Once class ends and you need me to mentor, teach, or just sit in on the next class, just let me know and I am there. It will be my turn to give back.

You are a Blessing.
2013-06-28, 08:37
know that my Company will be a huge success, because I have you as a mentor.. What can I say.. Your are AMAZING.. Thank you so much... I will start selling immediately..!! I can tell you that the class was an inspiration, motivating and one of the BEST group of folks I have ever met.. I am so excited and so looking forward to the continuation of the class
2013-06-28, 08:36
I am so overwhelmed with what seemed insurmountable! I thank you for your encouragement,your patience and your diligence in making sure that we, the Fall Class of 2009,had top notch EVERYTHING!!! My husband(Timothy) was not only impressed with the women business owners,but he was also inspired. Now the journey begins. God Bless you Doc and may the peace of God always be with you!
Board Member
2013-06-28, 08:35
I’ve always said to myself, “everyone has a story”. I grounded that in my own children, I taught them to know, “Blessed is not the ones that receive the blessing, blessed is the one who’s able to bless others”. Without your own blessing from God, we would never be able to bless others.

What has drawn me to WADT is the thought of teaching someone to fish so they can eat forever instead of giving someone a fish so they can eat for that moment. Why is say “forever”? Knowledge, just like a smile, is so contiguous but only if you share it with others.

WaDt Board Member 2010
Sheela E
2013-06-28, 08:34
Doc and WADT are truly amazing! If life hadn't made the turn it had, I would be a millionaire (my mom passed on November 2, 2009). I am beginning again with my business here in Miami and I have Doc to thank for her inspiration and encouraging words. Through it all...I was not and am not defeated! Thank you!!
Atlantic International Marketing- Creating Happy Customers'
2013-06-28, 08:33
n January, 2006 I decided not to fully open a business without all the knowledge needed
to conduct successful business. When I came to WADT graduation I felt that God led there because he heard my daily cry. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, training and information the graduates received. I spoken to Doc immediately letting her know I want to be a part of the program. I am soon to be one of the 2007 graduate and is counting my blessing everyday this journey for me is going to open door I have never imagined.

Thank You Doc

“ Creating Happy Customers”
alum 2009
2013-06-28, 08:32
"This class is teaching me to be me. We all have our own story that has brought us together to share a class. To bond together as classmates. “To do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This class is bringing out my dreams, ambitions and my creations. "
alum 2006
2013-06-28, 08:32
Dear Doc
I got the information, you are so wonderful. It is wonderful to have you in my life, and thank God for you, Thank Goodness for WaDt
- WaDt Alum 2006
alum 2009
2013-06-28, 08:31
Hello Doc, I just wanted to say hi and that I really miss you, I really miss WaDt.
I hope you all found some rest during the holidays some how.
Love you always.I really miss being there
-WaDt Alum 2009
alum 2009
2013-06-28, 08:31
Dr. Cindy, I am blown away with the wealth of information and knowledge I have gained in just two days. One thing I know for sure is that information without application is just that...information. So I pray that every mountain and obstacle that stands before me shall be moved. I stand with great anticipation of what is to come!!! Again I want to thank you for accepting me in the class and in the words of Ray Charles I will, " Make it do what it do"!
WaDt Alum 2007
2013-06-28, 08:30
Once again thank you for all your support and for the valuable knowledge you pass on to us
Georgia Latino Business Solutions Inc.
Alum 2003
2013-06-28, 08:26
I see you have fixed the sermons playback on New Jerusalem web site.
You are a true Web Master. Thank You for teaching me. I honor your all that you do and will do my best live up to your high standards.
It is 1:30 AM and I am working on the web sites you assigned to me. Again THANK YOU!!!

God's Continued Blessings

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