My name is TH and I am a 38 year old single disabled mother of a 15 year old disabled boy who has survived domestic violence.
My son was born one month early on April 5,200 and was immediately diagnosed with several syndromes and ailments. Having heart surgery at 3 weeks old and a tracheotomy at 3 months old.
He was later diagnosed with slight autism, add and SEVERE scoliosis which he has had two spinal fusions because if. He kept his tracheotomy for seven years and hand it removed on Halloween 2007. 

He survived that dispute what doctors said and still thrives today. The doctors said he wouldn't live to see his first b, and he has now seen 15 of them. I have survived kidney disease, diabetes, retinopathy and a heart attack having a kidney transplant June 27,2010.


My ex husband is currently serving 10 years of a 20 year sentence for aggravated assault, battery and terroristic threats . He abused me off and on for almost the whole three years we were married.

Every day spent with him was torturous, I felt like a prison inmate who was in prison with him. He bullied me and my son, raped me at his will, deprived me from going to doctors appointments, took money from me, forced me to leave my family and friends, forced me to perform disgusting and painful sexual acts.

He verbally abused my son, verbally, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused me. Ok CONSIDERED suicide on several occasions but the thought of my son being left alone with him to suffer more prevented me from proceeding with the act. I divorced him 
While he was still in the prison for fear of  my life.

I divorced him while he was still in the prison for fear of my life. He still finds ways to contact and harass me but I cannot prove it because he uses different cell phones despite him being locked behind prison doors.

My son witnessed the abuse and endured abuse as well from his ex stepfather. My son has  physical and mental disabilities and sometimes acts afraid of men due to my ex-husband's actions.
I  would really appreciate some help with Thanksgiving and/or Christmas this year as the SSI doesn't really go that far and we do not receive food stamps or child support from my son's biological father.

Thank you Women Are Dreamers Too for being my Angel this holiday season. I cried tears of joy when you called. You are truly Angels at #wadt

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