Pregnant or not, he didn't care. I would go to the store with busted lip blacks eyes and the people around look as though it was normal


This past year has been one of the most life changing year's I have ever experienced. August 2014 I met my 5th child's father (currently pregnant with now). I just knew I would never know what pain was anymore because I found Mr. Perfect. My 4 children loved him and really longed to have a father figure in their life. They begin calling him daddy and after 2 months in October 2014 I moved him with us. A happy family we went to church, family days, traveled to Savannah( we had never been there before) met his 7 children from past relationships it was amazing. I never knew that I had to pick between a man and my children until I met James. I really can't recall what transpired in his head or what triggered the rage in him but November 29th,2014 I kind of figured this was how the rest of my was going to be. I was hit so hard I staggered trying to get up. At the moment my children was not aware of the abuse I was experienced. I apologized for anything abd everything....that's what came to my head after being hit that hard. I didn't leave and I should've.

That year my children didn't even have a Christmas or Christmas dinner. I wasn't even allowed to put up a Christmas tree. January 2015 we found out I was pregnant and I thought things were going to change but the got worst. pregnant or not, he didn't care. I would go to the store with busted lip blacks eyes and the people around look as though it was normal. I cried  in the inside for help, "Like please ask me if I'm ok?"  Nobody did, and he would walk right beside me with no remorse. May 2015 my 2 year old daughter took her older sister scissors out her book bag and cut his 1year old sons ear

 I knew she didn't know better but him not even. I watched this man slap my 2year old down to the ground in the hospital room. I died in the inside because I felt powerless and afraid. He begin to take his anger out on my children and treated his children like gold. I couldn't understand it, how and why they continued to call him daddy. But I wasn't showing them no kind of example because I still stayed. By this time I was getting abused in front of my children and his children as. I cried a lot with my children and told them I was sorry.

My children didn't even celebrate their birthday this year. August  2015 God saved us. Me and my 4 children. I watched this man I thought loved me and my children beat my oldest daughter a 9 year old the way he beat me. He gave her a black eye busted lip, beat her the way I got beat and to see her face the next day I wanted to kill myself. I talk her daily and she's just as strong as I am. September 23 he was put in jail and due to the current charges he will have to serve the 4 years left on probation incarcerated. The Lord heard my cries whenever ignored them. He heard my children cries even louder though.

Due to the fact I'm expecting another child Thursday I'm in desperate need for my children's sake.

Thank you Women Are Dreamers Too, for all you do. I am indeed thankful for all your help

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