Please help me to make my kids happy for christmas ,my fiancée (sic) left me and his income was the only income we had ,i made bad choices in the past that lead me to not bieng able to get a job or a place to stay for my kids and myself the bad choices i made affect my kids and not just me if i could change the past i would have made honest and better decision. I've tryed time after time to live right but how can u when society would not give u a chance and the people in charge dictate your life I've been struggling since i first got into the system i cant prove myself to be better than my bad decision cause once your in the system they keep you there by not letting u make it better ive had to steal since then to survive something i despise just to make it and feed my kids plus how can i discipline my kids and tell them that stealing is wrong if im doing it to feed them or to live please help my 5 kids there ages are 18,14,11,10,and 9 Thanks a lot sincerely appreciate it JE

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