"...he grabbed me forcing his whole fist into my vagina.  All I could do was cry,  I tried running home, which I could not and was saying I'm calling the police, he said b**** if you call the police I will kill you"

I am 24 yr old pregnant girl living with my parents who are disabled and
My abuser has been to jail four times and has tried to convince me several times to not press charges even with my bloody nose, bruises. This man behaves like he has demonic possession even at 27, he refuses to grow up and control his anger..Below is my story of abuse by this 27 year old man..


My name is ST. I am blessed with three beautiful children, and also expecting a baby boy in December, sometime around Christmas. Unfortunately I am a victim of Domestic Violence. I was going to write everything that happened to me, but that would maybe be a whole book to write, so I'm deciding to tell you the breaking point in my life where I decided enough was enough. Well before enough was enough I had been in a mental rehab at least six times due to the mental abuse my husband DT has caused me. I am now diagnosed with depression, but with the faith I have with God,  He wakes me up each day and helps me through with the anxiety and depression, caused by domestic violence even at my young age.


 God has  blessed me with the children that I have something to live for.


Well it was Halloween of 2011, well Halloween eve to be exact. I was excited , because my daughter was old enough to go trick or treating and actually know what it is. So I asked my husband to take me to go get the kids costumes, but he refused. He had went out to a party with a friend which he always did was leave me, and the children at home. So I decided to call my friend I worked with Jeremy to take me to Wal-mart to get their costumes. So on my way home he called me, and asked me where I was, I said I'm on my way home with Jeremy I just picked up the kids costumes. He flipped, he automatically assumed I was having sexual relations. At this time I was living with my parents and it was only five weeks after having my c-section with my third child Angel. 

So I got really scared to go home, because he has always beating on me and God was speaking to me telling me my husband was going to hurt me. So I got to my mothers home. He was hiding in the bushes waiting for my arrival, as soon as I got to the front door he jumped out and said I'm going to kill you. I screamed HELP. He said I'm  just playing, I said no you are serious. I told him to leave I was going inside,  my father opened the door, and DT had said please come out I just want to talk. I said ok, but before I left I told my dad I had a bad feeling so please keep an ear out for me.

My father didn't really believe too much of what I was saying. So DT (my husband) said lets go talk a quick walk I was hesitant I said NO lets stay here. He said I just wanna talk privately I'm not going to hurt you. So I went on with him. We got half way down the block, and he flipped, all of a sudden he grabbed me by my sweater and started to bang me up and down on the concrete I could hardly breathe. I was screaming for help. Than he was cussing me saying you're cheating on me you B****. I pleaded in pain no, I love you, please you're hurting me. He then started kicking me in my stomach repeatedly, also in my ribs and back making it harder and harder to breathe. Then he grabbed my neck and chocked me almost to death, with tears coming down my face me kicking and screaming. He finally stopped. I tried running home.

Then he grabbed me and forced his whole fist into my vagina. All I could do was cry,  than  I tried running home, which I could not and was saying I'm calling the police, he said b**** if you call the police I will kill you. I finally made it in the house I said dad please call the police my dad was in shock. He aid what happened to you, your nose is bleeding. DT behind me said oh she fell. I said no he tried to kill me for nothing give me the phone I dialed 911, he was behind my father begging please I love you.

I was fed up this time. I said enough is enough. He then ran out the house. The police came and took pictures and were trying to find him if he was so innocent why run. Writing this right now hurts me, but it also relieves my pain I dealt with.  The police finally caught him. I had gone back to him after this for the sake of the children thinking that jail would change him, but it didn't. He will never change,  that I can see, I pray that Jesus puts love in his heart to change. I ended up living with my parents right now, because he stayed the same gave me black eyes, still put me down, I was called every name in the book, and the sad part the kid's witnessed all of this. He never wanted to watch them, he never helped me with money. All he did was think of himself.
My abuser always made me pay for myself if we would go out. He also always had rules for me. He Embarrasses me in front of public. I can't believe I got treated that way. My abuser knocked my teeth out my front teeth. And said now no man would want me

He is not allowed to be around me for three years do to the probation. He still doesn't send any money for his kids .
 I just don't see how a person can be so cruel.  My children want a nice home without their father. They are scared to death of him, and also he always made promises to them and me he never kept. I prayed every night and day that the love for him would fade, and it did.  I'm still recovering from all this pain, and depression.  Also being a single mother of three going on four is really tough. My mother is   disabled with chronic depression, diabetes, blood clots.  She soon has to have surgery on her left side of her neck for a second clogged artery, and she just had a second mild stroke.  My father is 70 years old still working trying to make ends meet also trying to help me and my kids. It makes me feel so bad that I have to live with them, but I know Jesus has something in store for me and my kids. I just want them to have a wonderful thanksgiving, and Christmas. they want things , but I do not have no money to help. I have to go to local churches to get clothes for them. But they love me unconditionally.

This domestic violence has made a impact on my oldest daughter a lot. I pray she will forget it. I am praying and know God will dismiss this behavior away for good, and letting my daughter be like a regular child. I would write more, but I do not have access to a computer, and they are about to close, the library. if there is anything you can do to bless my family I will be happy no matter what. I have nothing for this unborn child this blessing baby boy. I know God will always make a way though. 
Thank you all and I hope to hear from you soon. God bless you all. There is so much more to my story it's just too much.
If y'all have any group counseling, I would love to join.  .  I am just worried about my children not having Christmas . well much love and blessings ST. Thank you all for hearing out my story.


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