Molested at 5, Raped at 15 became a stripper at 17, daughter molested at age 7 -10, by a neighbor, pregnant at 14! - We are survivors, the cycle must be broken, and it starts with me and my daughter!




I was born in Los Angeles, Ca. I lived in New Baden, Illinois off and on until the age of 12 and Honolulu, Hawaii off and on until the age of 21. I moved back to Los Angeles at age 21 and left at age 23, I have lived in Georgia since then. My mom has been married 4 times and I have a brother and a sister.
My daughter was molested by a neighbor for three years, I had no idea this had happened, and we are both survivors


I have been through many things during the course of my life some are very bad and some are truly blessed.
It has been hard for me to write this survival story because I try very hard not to focus my energy on past events.



WADT has done nothing but bless my life and given me real hope for success in my future. I was raised as a military kid so we traveled a lot; I have lived in many places during my life.
As a child I was molested at the age of 5 by a friend of the family and raped at the age of 15. I became pregnant through this rape and was made to have an abortion. I believe this event is what changed the path of my life.


I dropped out of high school at the age of 17, Became a stripper and literally started destroying myself. I had my first child at the age of 20 (my angel) continued to dance and had my second child by 22.
I was living in Los Angeles when I had my son and really did not want to raise my children there, so I decided to move to Georgia.
I didn't want to take my children at first due to uncertainties so I left them with their father. He decided to take the children to Virginia and hide them from me. (When I left the children were 3(daughter) and 9 moths (son) he felt like I was going to take them away and he would never see them again so he kidnapped them, stupid).


I found him 2 years later and took him to court and got back my daughter at age 5 I left my son with his Grandmother because he did not recognize me. Off and on I have tried to bring him to me but with no success. I became a printer at the age of 23 when I moved to Georgia after I quit dancing (Thank God) and have been doing this since.
My oldest daughter has been angry at me every since I took her from her father at age 5 ( now she is 16) but when she was at the age of 7 through 10 I had a male friend who lived in the apartment down stairs from me that decided to molest her for 3 years. (I had no knowledge).


We moved to California for about a year and came back to Georgia. My daughter had started to act out and behave badly (lying and stealing) so I took her to the police department in Norcross and this is when I found out that she had been molested.
We have been through counseling and behavior therapy but nothing has helped. When I was 32 I had my third child named Hope and all was OK but 6 months after she was born I had my son living with me for about 3 months his grandmother wanted him returned and I said no.


She called the police and reported that I had kidnapped him from Virginia and I went to jail (This whole event from start to finish took only 14 hours) in Georgia on kidnapping charges. I was transported to Virginia 10 days into this and during this same time my oldest daughter ran away for home (the kids were staying at my house with my mother).


The police were called and when they found my daughter she proceeded to act out and tear up everything in my home and hit my mother. The police placed her in DFCS. Meanwhile I was sitting in a jail room in Virginia for 33 more days. The case was dismissed and no charges were filed against me (Thank God). When I was in jail my mother took my baby to California and hid there until I could get to them. I lost everything

So I picked up the pieces and returned to Georgia and rebuilt my life. I got my oldest daughter back after about a year of fighting DFCS but when she returned home she was 8 months pregnant at the age of 13. She had my granddaughter at the age of 14 (ten days after her 14th birthday) and all was well for about 3 months, then she started acting out again, I tried everything to help her, I sent her to Virginia for about 6 months they sent her back unruly behavior then at almost the age of 15 she started having boyfriends and running away, once again I tried everything in my power to get her to straighten up.

At the age of 16 she ran away for the um tenth time and came back 2 days later when no one was home and stole 400 cash, 2 stereos and some other things. I called the police and they told me they could do nothing she lived in this home, one month later she came during the night and stole my truck, I called the police and ten minutes after I reported the car stolen She called stating that she got into a car accident.


I had her put in RYDC (juvenile jail) the police took her daughter from her and placed the baby in DFCS. After she was let go from RYDC I had my daughter placed in DFCS. They are now trying to accuse me of abandonment.
I have been working in the printing industry for over 12 years and have tried whole heartily to become successful. I have learned to operate over 12 different printing presses and many bindery, and prepress equipment. Printing is a male dominated industry and it is very hard for a woman to compete.

You are passed up for promotion quit often but I just kept trying to get stronger. I am now going to this class to run my own printing company where I can give the promotions and create an environment where female printers can succeed without discrimination. I have survived this life by being faithful and strong. So this is my survival story in the short form.


P.S. My daughter is currently in DFCS and these events have been happening since we started class. My car was stolen on 9/18/07and my daughter went to DFCS on 10/1/07 but I truly believe in God and Jesus and with that belief I stand strong in the knowledge that all things pass and all things are doable if you only believe and trust in the Lord. Thank you

Story of Survivor contributed by Denise (Her Business is  Commercial Publishing (as in Press)


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