He walked in and said, "I wish you would just die, my son said I want to die too mommy"- Eight Years of Hell


I am 35 with 4 children I have been married going on 10 years however we have been separated the last year and a half. Some may say wow that good you were married so long but it was at least 8 years of hell. My husband moved me to Georgia 2 months after we were married he had just gotten out military and took a job in Georgia where his family lives.

I had no family here and knew no one so I was completely dependent on him at this time we had 2 kids well I had 2 kids from another relationship. He was very materialistic the kind of person who would go broke to keep up with Jones, his pride and joy was his electronics movies if my kids touched or came to close all hell broke loose.

I could not go anywhere do anything he had total control he would rig the car so it would not start take all means of money. There was always fighting over nothing neighbors constantly could police but I would defend him knowing without him I could not survive. I ended up pregnant things calmed a little. Moving ahead a year and half later I was pregnant again only problem is he had a vasectomy after I had our daughter.
He went back to DR WHO CONFIRMED sperm was still alive cause he had fixed one side. During this time we had a house built things really got crazy because we really could not afford it.

More fighting watching my kids suffer in fear begging me to leave they were failing school he would verbally abuse them tell them they were dumb as rocks called bastards whores this he did to my two oldest who were not his he would go by his two food and not the oldest. Eventually the fighting got worse broken fingers holes in walls punched out windows bruises and shell shocked kids. Things got so bad I started having anxiety attacks and passing out I started missing work or not able to function due to him calling and harassing me so my doctor finally put me on medical leave and I started seeing a therapist. He was not happy I was not working so we begin to fight about this.

The last straw came late one night about 11pm just me and my son who was 3-4 at the time was up he came home and started with insults and my son said daddy please no fighting he walked and said I wish u would just die my son said I want to die too mommy all I could do was hold him why crying and tell him that neither of us were going to die and we will be ok even though I wasn't sure.

My son fell asleep on me I laid him down and went downstairs to ask his father how could he say that in front of his child he was heartless called me a bitch told me to pack my things and get out and he wish I was dead 'am crying he gets up in my face and I say just do it kill me it has to be better than this so he shoves me down my 16 year old hears us so she comes down stairs he turns on her and tells take her ass back upstairs she walks in the kitchen he follows so I get in front of him and say leave her alone he starts calling both of us bitches and other ugly things he reaches for her I try push him back.


I get shoved down again she grabs a knife an run back to her room. About 3 minutes later phone rings and we both knew its 911 because we have had police at our house so much, so he says if that the police tonight they will have a reason to come he is mad won’t let me get phone,  starts running up stairs to get to my daughter mad she called police yelling he going hurt her she is locked in her room I hear him kicking her door I run outside to go get help from my neighbor and see my daughter hanging from the ledge of her window which is on the second floor I beg her to go back in but she I scared I hear one loud kick that her door kicked in and she jumps.


All I could do was pray God please save my child and he did she fell on the ledge underneath and rolled into the hedges so she just had scrapes we both next door to call police at this time 'am terrified about my other kids in the house who were sleep. The cops came and did nothing he lied they talked to him first they asked can I stayed at my neighbors with my 4 kids to give him time to cool off how insane I said so 1 grown man stays at a house after abusing me and you expecting me to leave with 4 kids and no car which he had rigged not to start before police got there.


He finally agreed to leave for the night but of course no one could sleep knowing he could come back at any time. So early that morning I decided no more I got garbage bags through all clothes we needed in them so we could leave only problem was I had no car my sister was living here at the time and her husband was going to pick me up at 5pm when he got off work so I asked my neighbor to take me to my sister she said give her an hour she was sleep. I am panicking now I have no more family or anyone else to call he shows up see bags and start up I told the oldest to leave and go down to their friend house because he would always go after them to hurt me. He told me I can leave but his kids were staying.


 I snuck up stairs and called a friend from my job and asked her to send police to my home so I could leave safely I waited outside until they got there again he rigged the car so the police did nothing but tell me take what you need and have neighbor take u to your sisters and file restraining order and told him to file one on me. moving ahead we ended up with retaining orders on each other for 6 months I was allowed house car kids he was suppose to pay child support never got a penny every month either lights or gas got cut off they were in his name he had mail transferred to one cared or would help me I lost my job my oldest to kids went to Florida to stay with their grandparents cause they were scared.


Thankfully I had saved money and had 401k and savings bonds that carried me through most of that first year and maxed out credit cards. My two oldest finally wanted come back it was school time had no money for school clothes or supplies my oldest worked during summer while in Florida so she helped out which really hurt me. I tried getting jobs went on so many interviews but they were too far from home and I had no one to get my son from daycare head start program his father refused to make matters worse when my husband gave me car which was in his name he had put a fake sticker on tag that was expired and I almost went to jail for it but ended up having to pay a fine more money I don't have so was put on probation until paid.


The last straw was just August I lost our house it was foreclosed again in his name he knew told me 2 days before it happened then I had 3 weeks to move at this time I had no family here my sister moved back to Florida no reliable transportation and still no job but God is good and he kept me when I gave up didn't want to live wouldn't get out of bed left burden on my oldest daughter because I was stuck in depression he kept me from losing my mind.
 Right now I am living with a friend still looking for work but found out about a lot of resources to help me and my kids and to help me get back on my feet so I am just trusting God right now and thankful for all the organizations that has stepped in such as Wadt co op,  united way. By the way I do medical collection billing customer service if anyone knows of anything please email me. In the end I am hoping that my kids are happy and that WaDt can help me with that my oldest doesn't want anything my 14 year old just want a cell phone but my concern is my 7 year old daughter  and my 6 year old son . I hope my story may help someone somehow.
- Story from PS- 12/12


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