Picking Up Women in a Lamborghini (Gold Digger Prank) Picking Up Girls – Picking Up Women in Public

Prank & Pranks & Gold Digger Prank…Picking Up Women in a Lamborghini (Gold Digger Prank) Picking Up Girls – Picking Up Women in Public ➨ If you guys enjoye…
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Two Women and I attempt to “scale a wall” and re-create the Spider Woman Cover Art to test how anatomically correct it is. Spoiler Alert: It really isn’t. Th…

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50 Responses to Picking Up Women in a Lamborghini (Gold Digger Prank) Picking Up Girls – Picking Up Women in Public

  1. SoFloComedy says:

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  3. Xiinith says:

    A lot of these guys commenting bashing women, are so insecure and
    unrealistic its funny. More then likely ya’ll been burnt in the way you are

    Some of you say all women care about is…
    Money (because you broke)
    Big Dicks (because you small)
    Skinny Dudes (because you fat)

    Get over your problems and man up.. Yes there are women that are
    materialistic.. SO WHAT!! Let them be snooty n stuck up. if you get the
    cold shoulder from one of them, MOVE THE FUCK ON! you titty baby.

    Also, this might be a once in a lifetime chance.
    Dudes getting jealous cause he thinks girl wants the other dude cause of
    his car.. maybe she just wants to ride in a nice car..

    No money? Get a better job. Or try.
    Little dick? Fuck better, or try.
    Overweight? Drop a few pounds..

    Quit blaming how some women are, for your weak ass problems.
    Not all women are like that, just like not all men only care about fuckin.

    If you find yourself with a simpleton that only cares about 1 thing, male
    or female.. and thats such a deciding factor for the relationship.. FIND

    Half of you forget that Money brings stability, comfort, and safety.
    Being healthy means healthy children.

    (these are natural things people go after, man in the past has always
    provided… therefore its a natural instinct to prefer someone who can
    provide… Choosing someone who is healthy and smart is a natural thing
    too.. for their children’s sake…

  4. DatPurpleApple says:

    Stop copying Vitalys pranks,make your own original ones. 

  5. Dion Prince says:

    I think they’re more interested in riding in a Lambo not really about his
    money. New experience.

  6. Carl Rees says:

    So females are shallow & materialistic; we knew that already. It’s an ugly
    trait they have, but they all will whore themselves if you flash a few
    dollars or a nice car, it’s pathetic. Just like a lot of them will start
    smoking to fit in with their peers or have a baby at a young age because
    their friends have. They’re all a bunch of sheep & don’t have an original
    bone in their bodies. I always thought it was better to be unique &
    independent, but that’s clearly not an attitude shared with the majority of
    females out there. Rant over.:D

  7. Thomas Production says:

    i m desapointed… girls love only money… 

  8. Jonsin Liddane says:

    lol its so predictable, women can say they are full of deep rivers,
    feelings and meanings but when the opportunity comes, its money all the way

  9. Audrey Horne says:

    Horrid acting. I’ve seen this done better on other channels.

    These girls are real dumb though, trusting shady UGLY guys like this just
    because they have a nice car? lmao STUPID.

  10. Steven Hong says:

    That was mean at the last

  11. Ethereal | 翰˜~ says:

    Your video is racist and sexist. First, you steal Vitaly’s ideas, next and
    the most unacceptable thing is that all the white girls got at least a
    little ride, but u kicked the cute korean girl off the car like she was
    garbage wtf man, hope you rot in hell.

  12. Justin Zoller says:

    Its fucked up girls just care about size of dicks and money no true love
    fucking hore 

  13. Tyler Inman says:

    Ladies please don’t trust strangers telling you to get into their car…

    In addition, believe it or not there are women out there that don’t care
    about materialist objects. This particular video makes me sad because money
    is not everything, money won’t make someone be a good husband or a good
    father to their children, money won’t make someone be faithful, and money
    is not forever. What happens when the money runs out? What do you do then,
    leave for another rich man?
    Who they are in the inside should matter, I thought those were basic
    principles taught by our parents. Luxury items are temporary and the person
    that only cares about how much money you have, that seems very shallow. A
    good man deserves a good woman that will be there for her man for richer or
    poorer not richer or richer. That’s not someone a man should have as a
    wife. Girls like that do not deserve a ring on their finger. Just saying.

  14. edymasta says:

    Then again they just wanted to see how it feels in a Lamborghini, nothing
    wrong with that.

  15. Todd Rich says:

    So if i buy a lambo, i could potentially kidnap and rape any girl i want
    to? Women today have no street smarts or pride.

  16. Sawyer Helle says:

    Its not a gold digger when you beg them to take a ride

  17. Michael Chua says:

    Look at what he did to that cute asian.

  18. Mehdi Sahla says:

    the music in the video, i wanna a name please !

  19. Omar Khalel says:

    buy a lambo and get free girls

  20. Baraka Andrew says:

    I dont see anything wrong with these women!
    You get a chance u take t! Life z f***d up already! 

  21. hfjde says:

    now, im not a girl….but if someone offered me a ride in a
    Lamborghini….i probably wouldnt decline lol

  22. Khalid Shbail says:

    i don’t speak Englizea but i do speak money

  23. Aria Bernal says:

    This prank is dumb. I feel like their just using the car so they can get
    girls. I don’t feel like it’s a prank. 

  24. Robbie Wilson says:

    Haha, boom bitches. I love this shit. I’ve wanted to do this and I’m
    freaking happy someone else has the guts to do this. Girls need to see
    both sides of the coin, especially these types. 

  25. Umprella says:

    Objectively speaking, metalcore is the worst genre of music

  26. Weed Talk says:

    their male demographic is like 98% so don’t bitch about something that
    isn’t meant for you!

  27. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Spider Woman is actually postured that way because she’s about to shoot a
    web out of her vagina, more anatomically accurate to how an actual spider

  28. This is Potato says:

    Why haven’t you questioned Spider-Woman’s ability to climb walls and shoot
    spider webs from the base of her palm? It’s a comic book. These damn
    feminists like to dick-tickle everything. *:P*

  29. XIIIKeys says:

    Seriously? This is absolutely terrible. If you’re going to even try and
    make an argument how about this…….

    1. Get someone with the same body type as spiderwoman on the variant cover

    2. Get a skin tight body suit as seen on the cover

    3. Shoot it from the correct angle

    4. Stop making Youtube videos.

  30. Jordan Cunningham says:

    Feminist just want equal opportunities as their male counterpart. In this
    concept, she is trying to explain that the pose spiderwoman was in, was
    ridiculous and unnecessary. Once males are objectified, dressed in
    impractical lewd armor and posed with broken spines trying to show their
    dick and chest, then i’d be okay with everyone ( regardless of gender)
    being sexualized.

  31. Colin Lazzarini says:

    Why is this on the popular page

  32. Jamie Gaudett says:

    It’s spider man . Did spider man bite his girlfriend and give her his

  33. Jordan Cunningham says:

    Why is this disliked!? This is just a practical representation of an
    impractical movement and pose.

  34. yummdiddy says:

    load of crap.

  35. Kelly Bufkin says:

    I liked this video. Don’t worry about the haters.

  36. ChemicalAssassin64 says:

    It’s art. It can be drawn however the fuck the artist wants it to be. Do
    you see every cartoon on television drawn anatomically correct? No, you
    fucking don’t. Also, Spider Woman is a super human. She’s not a normal
    human. Plus, the artist can draw a woman’s body like that if he want’s.
    They’re aloud to. If they want to make all women in their art beautiful,
    that’s fine. Just because you feel like they shouldn’t all look good in
    case someone who doesn’t look like that is offended, you are fucking
    stupid. You can’t censor art. This isn’t Nazi Germany, this isn’t the
    USSR, and this isn’t a 3rd World Country with a Dictator.

  37. Илья Репин says:

    саси хуй

  38. Earl Green says:

    CUT OUT THE CANCER! I Corinthians 5:5
    In the Corinthian Church there was a man having sex with his stepmother!
    Paul told them to separate this member from them. For the fulfilment of
    prophecy some of our Churches today are embracing all kinds of immorality –
    including gay clergy and congregations. They cannot continue like that and
    please Jesus, so don’t allow it.

  39. Daniel Smith says:

    Lol women… What a joke…

  40. RandomTrollAccount says:

    This is stupid. Plus of course its erotic as fuck, it’s Milo Manara!!! Do
    people realize this is what he does? Fucking hell… People so quick to get

  41. John Smith says:

    They were shot at two completely different angles….

  42. angelcrossgarden says:

    Wow that first girl was so hot when she jumped on the mat, froze, then
    looked at the camera! 

  43. muntasermo says:

    Who… Who the fuck cares?!

  44. SlugSwaggaObi says:

    Lmao useless sad cunts

  45. MBFBCC22 says:

    Well it’s Spider-Woman, she isn’t supposed to have the average body
    restrictions of any normal person…plus she’s basically a cartoon
    character..so is this whole video just you trying to prove that humans
    can’t do the same things as cartoon super heroes? Well, um, congrats.

  46. jda man says:

    will have to agree that it was the angle & the butt is higher than the rear
    cause she has lowered herself coming off that ledge they drew in & if you
    were standing away from her this is how it would look…..i’ve seen this
    posture from my wife before many times as she calls for me to the bedroom
    & i steal a reference from a song by Warrant that ” i mix up the batter &
    she licks the beater” cause she’s my cherry pie…… P.S. looks good to me

  47. Andrew Kilian says:

    Did they try scaling something that isn’t made out of a safety mat?

  48. Invertex says:

    Perhaps you will merely brush off the previous comments as misogynistic
    hate, as often happens, but they all have valid points. If you’re trying to
    prove something as false/inaccurate, at least make sure your proof is
    accurately executed, which it is not at all in this case.

    Also, you’re forgetting that this is a “spider”woman. Her and Spiderman
    both tend to crawl is a spider like fashion in cartoons, comics and movies.
    This means bodies close to the surface and thus arched backs and bent
    limbs. Spiderman constantly crawls with his knees against the surface.

    And then there is a little thing called art… Trying to create a dynamic
    pose that creates visual interest. The comic book cover seems to be a shot
    of her just coming up top the roof, keeping low-profile and looking around
    to judge the situation.

  49. Zeitzeugin Guddy says:

    Well, you just should have done it right ;) Use the right angle, for
    example. And Spider-Woman is *crawling*, not *jumping*.
    Besides, *I* can do this pose. And I’m not a “gymnastic person”.
    (Oh and: She actually is a comic book character. Spider-MAN can do the same
    as we can see in covers from the 90′s)

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